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Writing a Journal – How it can help a Sailor at Sea?

When you put your thoughts on paper, it’s called writing a journal. Writing journals can be a great way to release stress and relax. These can also act as a good archive of all the work that has been done, which can be used as reference in the future.

Sea journals are those diaries/journals which are written by sailors during their voyage at sea. They are like diaries in style and format. But usually they are more personal. Among all the known sea journals Richard Henry Dana’s “California and the Sea” is the most relevant one.

Advantages of writing a journal

There are many benefits for a sailor of keeping a journal. A sailor’s journal plays an important role in his life. In many situations, it can be beneficial, both personally as well as to others who they choose to share it with. Some of these advantages are discussed below:

It serves as a permanent record of his progress

A sailor can never forget his special moments and the success he has gained. But there are times when he may feel like he has not accomplished or attained anything despite all his efforts and hard work. During those moments, a sailor’s journal serves as a motivator. He can look back and be reminded of his past accomplishments.

Helps against Homesickness

Staying away from family, the sailors often miss them. They don’t have their loved ones to share their day-to-day feelings. These Journals help them share their feelings. Here they can write all that they do while at sea and later share those moments with their loved ones. They can also gift these journals to their families.

Recording significant lessons

When a person is writing things down, he understands things deeply. Seafarers can write down what they have learnt so that they can recall it later. Also, they can write down their problems in the journal and can later go through these pages and get better solutions. As they say, sometimes we find the best solutions when we aren’t really looking.

Writing is a way to heal

Stress is the result of emotionality and over-thinking. A sailor’s journal helps him express and free his mind. Keeping things locked inside can lead to depression. However, writing about ones feelings and problems can be cathartic. It will also make him emotionally, physically, and psychologically stronger.

Improves Confidence

Writing about a positive experience or incident allows your brain to live and feel it again. When you are feeling low and doubting yourself, it can help you overcome these negative feelings. Writing a journal can boost self-esteem and improve mood. These writings can become a record of personal achievements.

Improves Communication Skills

Writing is connected to speaking. It makes us learn new words and their usage in different ways. Journal writing is a form of written communication. A sailor’s journal helps improve his writing skills and benefits his verbal communication. These skills help in his profession.

It makes a sailor more observant.

Once a sailor starts keeping a journal, he develops his observation skills every day. He will get more ideas, different perspectives and lessons through it. Instead of stressing to the negative side of things, he can start paying attention to the positives. This will help him learn new lessons. New ideas will take root in his mind and add new energy to his life at sea.

Leads the Path to Self-awareness

Writing a sailor’s journal provides him with more personal awareness, and also more focus on the issues that are important to him as a sailor and as an individual. He can use his time more effectively and try to self-evaluate himself and his strengths and weaknesses.


Above points highlight the importance and benefits of writing a journal, especially for the seafarers. Writing a journal can improve a sailor’s overall personality and make their life more efficient and stress free.


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