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Event on Women Empowerment in Maritime Sector

In the honor of Day of the Seafarer 2018

In the honor of Day of the Seafarer, on 21st June a Yoga session was conducted at PCA Stadium, Mohali. The instructor for the day was Seafarers wife Ms. Prianka Sharma. The session was attended by Dr Malini .V. Shankar, IAS, DG Shipping, India alongwith with others. Each one present in the gathering performed the Yoga and appreciated the efforts of Seafaring community.

The celebrations continued where The Nautical Institute India NW Chandigarh organized an event focusing on seafarers’well-being.  The event was attended by Dr. Malini V. Shankar, IAS, Director General of Shipping who was the chief guest along with other dignitaries. NI India NW Vice Chairman Captain Rohit Bhatia, AFNI, thanked Dr. Malini V. Shankar, IAS, Director General of Shipping for attending the celebrations of the “Day of the Seafarer” in Chandigarh. Captain MS Kahlon,Chairman NI NW Chandigarh welcomed the dignitaries, Seafarers and all other present in the gathering.

Dr. Malini V. Shankar, IAS spoke about the robust decisions being taken by the Directorate which has minimized the deceptive activities of non-RPSL companies. She congratulated the efforts of NI India NW Chandigarh Committee for brining the NCC and Merchant Navy on one common platform and guiding the youngsters to secure their career in Merchant Navy.

The theme for the event was “Inducting and Empowering Women in Maritime, Shipping and Associated Fields” with an aim to encourage women participation in Maritime industry. Captain MS Kahlon also introduced the newly formed WISTA India members from Chandigarh region.

TMC Shipping at the Event

TMC Shipping Global Head Mr. Anil Jinsi also addressed the audience by sharing his views on “Women Empowering the Nation”. He spoke at length about the rich Indian heritage and the role women have played throughout history. He also brought attention to the need forempoweringwomen, whether mothers, single or married. He shared examples of how women have always brought glory in every fieldand shared many examples of instances which did ring a bell in the audience’s mind.

Source: BSN Network, Chandigarh


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