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Wife of a Sailor is a Queen: 4 Reasons Why ?

“Thank God I found the GOOD in goodbye”  Beyoncé Knowles

Imagine loving someone who is bound by his duties and responsibilities and is unable to give you as much time as you would like; someone who stays apart from you for months at a time; someone who is a sailor bound by his love for sea and his duty to the world to keep the world trade going. It isn’t easy. It is no cake walk. Therefore, only women who are brave and confident can take up this challenge. These women are often referred to as ‘Queens’, not because they have a kingdom to rule. But because like queens, they support their Sailors, their Kings, wholeheartedly. While their sailors face the enemy i.e. the sea and storm, they keep life afloat for their families, back on land. These strong queens keep the kingdom, the family going with love, patience and understanding. The hardships they endure and overcome, make them deserving of immense respect and honor, even more than the sailors themselves.

Endures Separation

A sailor spends months at a stretch on his vessel. All this time his wife or girlfriend endures the pain of separation and loneliness. And inspite all she keeps the flame of her love burning. The sailor also endures this pain at sea. However, he knows this his job and his duty. The only reason a woman chooses to endure this loneliness is because she loves her sailor and knows he is worth the wait.

Makes many Sacrifices

Missed anniversaries, birthdays, kid’s school plays, recitals etc. are all part of a sailor’s life. The schedule they have to maintain doesn’t allow for holidays whenever and however they want. Many times a sailor’s wife would have to adjust her schedule to match her husband’s schedule and month offs. Wife of a Sailor is a Queen as sometimes due to bad weather, she has to spend days without even a call or message from the husband. The sacrifices she makes are many.

Acts like a Mom as well as a Dad

As the sailor dad is away from home most of the year, mom takes up both roles more often than not. From being the beauty adviser to cricket coach, handling the daily disasters that are bound to happen in a house with kids, getting plumbing and electricity problems fixed – all the tasks fall into the Queen’s kitty. Like a queen keeps her kingdom going, a sailor’s wife keeps the household working. Being both dad and mom can be tiring, but she is strong enough.

Faces the Fear of the Unknown

While the sailor faces storms, bad weather, pirates at sea; a sailor’s wife faces the biggest fear-the fear of the unknown. There are times when for weeks she doesn’t hear anything from her husband because the weather at sea doesn’t permit phone calls or Skype chats. These moments of anxiety are endured with the help of family and children. But the fear for the safety of your loved one cannot be stopped.

Wife of a Sailor is a Queen. Being a sailor’s queen isn’t easy. But whoever said that it is going to be easy. It is difficult, that is the reason only strong women take up the challenge.


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Neha Gupta

A Professional writer with over 10 years of experience, I love writing and learning about new areas during the process. Writing about merchant navy has given me a close look at the sacrifices made by the seafaring community and it is a pleasure to bring to light, through my blogs, for all to see and view, the hard work and dedication of these unsung heroes i.e. the seafarers.

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