What are Future Prospects for Deck Officers?

Having a job of a Deck Officer on a Merchant Ship is a great career option as it comes with many benefits like an opportunity to persuade the desire to travel and receive a great salary for the same as well. No matter how many privileges you get, the career in the Merchant Navy as a deck officer requires great will power and strength to accomplish day to day tasks while staying away from your family. There are future prospects for Deck officers to move up in the ranks and secure their position as a Ship Captain.

Life at sea is not at all easy as you come across many unpredictable and challenging situations where you have to show your patience and at the same time, manage the ship operations in an effective way. This is the reason that many individuals leave the seafaring profession and look to pursue further studies whereas some others want to enhance their skills and increase their knowledge so that they can be promoted to the next level. For Deck Officers, finding the right course to pursue further study is quite tedious.

Selecting the right maritime course and getting admission in it requires a lot of research. Let’s go through some courses that a deck officer can pursue further studies.

M.Sc. in Shipping, Trade and Finance

This particular course deals with the business and commerce of the shipping industry. It is a perfect course for deck officers and other merchant navy professionals who want to grow in the maritime sector.

M.Sc. in International Transport and Logistics

This is another specialized course that a deck officer can pursue to promote to the next level. Merchant Navy mostly comes under the business of International Transport and Logistics. For a better understanding of the work management, this course is enormously important for deck officers and even for other maritime industry experts.

MBA in Shipping

MBA as stands for Master in Business Administration is the most popular course post graduation course among merchant navy professionals as well as professionals for other fields. A degree in this course creates great growth opportunities for deck officers. Many institutes give admission on merit basis and if you have sea service experience then you are eligible to pursue this course. The eligibility requirement differs from one institute to another.

These are some of the courses that Deck Officers can pursue across the globe. To know more about best maritime courses contact TMC Shipping.


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