TMC Cadet Shamit Bagga Awarded by Nautical Institute London, Chandigarh

Life at sea is full of challenges as you are always required to be attentive and stay focused towards your work. You need to be awake and alert every time as anything can go wrong and an incident can happen. One such incident happened with our Cadet Shamit Bagga while working his regular scheduled shift; he had a small accident on a merchant ship due to a communication gap between his reporting officer and a fellow cadet.

In this accident, the tip of his middle finger got detached. However, he showed great strength of character and handled the situation calmly and after treatment returned on a ship the very next day, where after he was awarded a 10 day leave to heal and relax. Cadet Shamit Bagga sets an example for the young merchant navy professionals who are committed to the maritime industry and are ready to serve it.

Cadet Shamit Bagga is awarded for the outstanding performance at sea by Captain Harry Banga (Chairman, The Caravel Group, Fleet Management and Caravel Shipping), Captain Kahlon (Chairman, Nautical Institute London, Chandigarh) and Captain Jhazz (Chairman, The Company of Master Mariners of India CMMI) for his effort and commitment towards his work.

To make a career in the Merchant Navy, one needs to have the courage and passion to effectively manage all the assigned responsibilities just like Cadet Shamit Bagga shown. You can achieve great success while working at sea if you are ready to accept new challenges and commit yourself towards your work. You need to be hardworking while also needs to be lighthearted to cope up with any pressure you feel at any given time of your work.

TMC Shipping Pvt. Ltd appreciates the perseverance and commitment of Cadet Shamit Bagga, wish him good luck for his future will ensure to continue to train and raise a great breed of seafarers who can ensure to give their best every time while managing work at sea or at the port.


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