Things to Remember for Sailors Employee Contract

Making a career at sea is dream come true for the people who are passionate about exploring new destinations and experience life at sea. Although, it is important to pay complete attention to the work agreement before accepting a job from the shipping company.  There are many things that every seafarer must remember about their work contract. Let’s discuss such things

Get Hard Copy of your Work Agreement 

Most of the shipping companies prefer to recruit people over the phone as it allows them to make changes in the work contract once you start working on a ship. It is vital for you that you get both hard and soft copies of your job letter so that you can show it in case of any discrepancy.

Read the document carefully before signing 

In mutual fund advertisements, it is said to read all the documents carefully and then sign. Similarly, it is crucial for you, read the complete agreement carefully before signing as your signature is your approval that you agree with the terms and conditions of the shipping company.

Mutual Understanding

Make your that your job agreement does not include any information which states that the shipping company has the authorization to make changes in your contract without your consent, every change in your job terms should be mutually approved.

Pay attention towards Work Duration 

This is the most important thing that every sailor must check before signing the agreement. Do check the duration of your work contract, check what all clauses are in it related to your promotions, increments and also related to job quitting if in case you plan to work with other shipping company.

Basic work requirements

Your contract should share information about basic facilities such as working days, working hours, paid leaves, good accommodation and quality food. Make sure that these must be added in your work agreement.

International Maritime Laws and Guidelines

Last but not least, it is important to check that your ship maintains all standards as laid down by an International maritime organization and also as per the maritime laws of the country your ship belongs.

Life at sea is full of adventure and challenges and makes you learn many new things. But it is also important that you stay focused on your job terms. So, always ensure to check the agreement carefully, read out all clauses and in the end if you are satisfied with them then sign the contract.


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