Things to know about Commercial Diving training Program

Commercial Diving program training makes students ready for diving and performing underwater services. It involves different skills, which are complicated in nature when performed. The tasks performed by commercial divers are dangerous and important. They perform tasks such as underwater welding, underwater surveying, underwater cable laying, obstacle spotting, and obstacle removal. The people who love adventures and are passionate about it, this is the best course for them.

Duration and Eligibility

The duration of this course is two months and anyone who has passed a 10th grade can seek admission in this course.

Physical standards

Candidate should be physically and mentally fit.


  • Good swimming skills
  • Strong desire to take on a difficult challenge
  • Passion
  • Will power
  • Willingness to travel in different areas


  • The diver has to perform various duties under the supervision of a supervisor.
  • Ensuring that the personal diving equipment works correctly and suits the planned dive.
  • The diver has to report for the medical problem experienced during or after the dive.
  • He should be fully aware of the routine and emergency procedures.
  • Having full understanding of the dive plan is one of the tasks of the diver.
  • He must ensure that he is competent to carry out the planned task.

 Selection mode

The selection for this course is through a written admission test followed by personal interview.

Scope and job opportunities

Commercial diving is a growing industry. There is a wide career or scope in it. A variety of jobs are available in industries including shipping, oil, power and construction companies and in bridges, drilling rigs, oil refineries, power plants, bridge inspection, construction and repair, flotation devices maintenance, gravity surveying, grouting, guideline replacement, hyperbolic chamber operations, injection equipment installation, rock drilling and blasting etc.

Pay scale

The average pay commercial divers get is 3.40 lacs per annum approximately.


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