Life At Sea

The True and False of Life at Sea

Life at sea is an enigma for those on land. There are many stories in circulation- some true and some false about being a seafarer. Being a sailor like any other profession has its ups and downs. However, let’s clear some of the myths associated with life at sea:-

  • Looking at sea day in and out can get boring and exhausting: Really! Do people living on land get bored of looking at the land for long periods? I think not. So, why do people think that sailors would get bored of the ocean?  At the least adrift we often wake up to the sights of an island right beside us, or perhaps a couple of dolphins swimming along our vessel, or the birds chasing it. The views most days and nights are breathtaking. Nothing to get bored with.
  • Mariner’s life is the most effortless: False! Like all other professions Merchant Navy requires people to work. Rather at times it can be more demanding. However, it is to be noted that remuneration is directly proportional to the efforts and work that you put in. So, rewards are always worth the effort.
  • Sea sickness, everyone suffers it: Absolutely incorrect! We don’t deny that some people might get sea sick some of the time but it is not true for everyone. You easily get used to the motion of the vessel as it moves through the ocean. So, nothing to be scared of.
  • Alcohol flows endlessly on the ship: In the past, when the pirates and war ships ruled the seas this might have been true. However, nowadays excess liquor can prompt your termination. Organizations have a zero tolerance for drunken sailors, on account of all the mishaps brought about by drunken sailors in the past. There are permissible limits for liquor, anything over that is intolerable.
  • Ships cause too much pollution: That’s a rumor which has no basis in fact. Sea vessels are accountable for only 3% of the world’s aggregate pollution. The rest originates from the vehicles and industries on land itself.

At the end the conclusion is that life at sea, like life on land is not always a smooth sail. There are highs and lows. But don’t believe the rumors. You need to experience it to understand it.


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