The role of Internet in Sailors Life

The Internet has been changing lives from a long time now as today every industry relies on it to manage their day to day operations. The shipping industry is no different as it is improving the quality of life of the seafarers onboard. The role of internet in sailors life is quite important today. While there are many benefits of the internet for a seafarer, let’s look at some to understand how it is assisting them to live a sustainable life at sea.

Easy to connect with Family and Friends

 The Internet has certainly changed life at sea as today they can contact with their family and friends at any time of the day irrespective of the place they are working whether at the port or at sea. They can communicate with their dear ones via Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype etc. Moreover, they can stay in touch with their kids and see their growth, give them best wishes for their exams and life challenges.

Stay Active

 Social Media has really changed the way as every individual today is accessing multiple accounts at one time. Sharing pictures, quotes, life stories are quite common practice among people of every age group.  The internet has enabled sailors to stay updated about what is going in the lives of their loved ones. They can leave a comment on their social media accounts or even do a video call with them.

Increase Skills and Knowledge

 Even Shipping companies today have recognized the need for good internet connection on merchant navy ships to ensure a better lifestyle of a sailor. Many shipping companies are providing free broadband services to encourage the seafarers to work with them for a long period and also keeping a check on their retention. Every ship has a pool of qualified and experienced seafarers and no shipping company wants to leave them for not providing internet services.

Leisure Time

 Life at sea is quite different at sea then it used to be. In previous years, there were not many options available for sailor’s entertainment. But today there are multiple options for their entertainment as they can watch television listen to music, play indoor games etc.  Apart from this, they have the internet to stay in contact with their family and friends.

Stay Connected

During the sailing, sailors used to feel isolated as there were no means of communication with the outside world. But technology has made everything possible for them especially the internet as they can stay updated about what is happening offshore.


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