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How to Deal with Seasickness?

Seasickness is often considered the most commonly encountered sickness for people at sea. So, if you are considering a career at Sea, it is important that you know what it is and prepare yourself to deal with it. The symptoms of Seasickness include nausea, fatigue and dizziness. As a sailor you cannot afford to suffer from seasickness day-in-and-day-out, as sea is where the work is. It is usually more common among people travelling by sea for the first time or during storms and bad weather conditions. So, if you are about to start your journey as a seafarer, you need to prepare to deal with seasickness.

Given below are some tips on how you can deal with Seasickness.

1. Prevention is better than cure. A day before your ship sets sail, avoid eating oily and spicy food. Control the diet.

2. Don’t drink. Anyway on board mariners aren’t allowed to drink. So, make sure to not indulge in drink a night before either.

3. Take Preventive Medicines. If you know you tend to get seasick, consult a doctor and take some medicine before boarding. However, medicines may have side effects like making you feel drowsy.

4. Think you aren’t sick. Believe it or not, but it works. Keep telling yourself that you are fit and you’ll start feeling better.

5. Aim your sight at the Horizon. While at sea, everything is moving, the only thing stable is the horizon. So, looking at the horizon helps you feel stable and overcome nausea and dizziness.

6. Avoid Strong Smells. Doesn’t matter if it’s pleasant or unpleasant a strong fume can exaggerate the effects of seasickness. So, move towards fresh air and avoid spraying yourself with strong smelling perfumes and deodorants.

7. Don’t look at others who are sick. One sure shot way to trigger vomiting is looking at others who are vomiting. So, stay clear of those retching and puking.

8. Oils and Bands. Many people also recommend anti-nausea seasickness stretchable bands. You can try these as they work by applying a little pressure or stimulation to the acupressure points on your wrists. Some oils are also available as medication for seasickness.

9. Listen to music. Plug ear phones and listen to relaxing music. This can help you overcome the swaying motion of the vessel and prevent seasickness.

10. If you don’t need to work, go to your cabin and relax. Lying down with closed eyes for some time or even sleeping can help you relax and avoid the initial seasickness.

11. Ginger is also considered a good tool to fight seasickness. Chew a piece of ginger or have some ginger tea. They might help.

12. Try some juice. Lime, apricot, carrot, mint are some of the plants whose juice is considered good for preventing seasickness. Try some.

We hope these tips help you combat seasickness on your maiden voyage. All the best!


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