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Tips for Sailor Wives Travelling On Board

Behave like the Queen that You Are

Life at sea is not a cakewalk; neither for sailors nor for sailor wives. A sailor’s life is unique, and so is that of his life-mate, who has to accept and accustom herself to his alternating presence and absence. A sailor’s wife needs immense courage. She plays an important role in managing live of her sailor spouse and keeping the family afloat, while the sailor is away at sea. However, sometimes seamen are allowed to take their wives with them. So, arises the question, ‘how to ensure that you as a wife do not embarrass or cause problems for your sailor husband?’

Tips for Sailor Wives

Here are some pointers that we think will help you ensure that you are no trouble to your husband or anyone else while onboard.

Know & Learn All Safety Measures:

As a sailor’s wife you must know the importance of safety while on the board. So, make efforts to familiarize yourself with basic safety measures and learn what to do and how to react incase of emergencies like fire, storm, engine failure etc. Participate in fire safety drills, if possible.

Be Disciplined:

You need to be disciplined and stay according to the arrangements made onboard. On a ship hours for meals, lights out, etc. are fixed. So, follow the same. You are responsible for the cleanliness of your living quarters. So, keep them clean and do not create any kind of mess on the ship. Be helpful, not a hindrance.

Be Positive:

Stay positive. Sometimes the ship can have problems or weather can turn fowl, do not panic. Let professionals on board do their work. Your spouse is one of them, so don’t burden him with your doubts and fears. Let him go about his duties. Just remember he has trained for this job. You can worry for his safety, but never let it show.

Handle Everything Responsibly:

You must act responsibly at all times. Remember to use all the facilities available to you responsibly. As a responsible passenger on board wastage or unnecessary usage of food, water and electricity resources should be avoided.


Here’s a list of some things that you should never do while on a ship with your hubby.

  • No public display of affection. Avoid being affectionate with your husband in the public. Also, you must not tag along with your husband while he is working.
  • Do not convert the galley (ship’s kitchen) into your own kitchen.
  • Do not interrupt the ship’s Chief Cook who is vested with the responsibility of taking care of the meals for the entire crew.
  • Do not discuss personal business with other crew members. Avoid frequent personal discussions with others people on board as it may result in wrong signals being sent. Maintain a friendly attitude towards everyone. However respect personal boundaries. It is important.
  • Do not disturb anyone during work.

We hope our advice helps you, when you set sail with your sailor husband. Just remember to have fun, but stay responsible.


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