Life At Sea

Sailor -The International solider

Who is a sailor? According to dictionary he or she is a person whose job is to work as a member of the crew of a commercial or naval ship or boat. He or she is the one who rules the world of waves and water. However, it should be noted that not just the naval ship sailors are soldiers, but the commercial soldiers do tasks that make them worthy of being called international soldiers.

The sailors on commercial vessels live a life away from their loved ones and ensure that people on land, who they haven’t even met keep getting the daily necessities. They keep the world trade going. Your car runs because they work and keep the ships carrying the petroleum products on course. You get the food grains to your kitchen because the crew of a ship works in teams to ensure smooth sail. The factory that you work at functions because these sailors work hard and get the coal delivered from some country to yours.

The life on sea is fun, no doubt. But it’s not the most easy one. The sailors face devastating storms, furious winds and gigantic waves in the course of their journey. But they keep moving forward to help keep the world trade continue. Compared to the past centuries the technology has progressed manifolds and it might not be as hard being a sailor as it was in 18th or 19th century. But the task is not easy.

Piracy at sea is still as much a problem as it was in the past.  Some waters in the Caribbean are the most heavily pirated in the world. The naval forces try to curb piracy and ensure safety for merchant ships. But still instances of pirates overpowering merchant ships is not unheard of.  The story of Captain Richard Phillips would tell you exactly what can happen on sea and how heroic these sea men and women are. They deserve our respect.


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