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10 Reasons to Join Merchant Navy

If you are looking to build a career that includes a variety of domains, then merchant navy is the way to go. In this field, you will be exposed to multiple facets and can gain wide exposure, which may be quite impossible in other professions.

Merchant navy is a collective name for the shipping industries that transport all goods from one country to another, via sea. The cargo can be oil, products, minerals and even food, which is then shipped to its destination using a planned sea route.

The course taken to complete the cargo operation depends upon the type of product and the size of the ship that is carrying the goods.

Listed below are some of the best reasons which will showcase the true benefits of joining merchant navy:


The biggest attraction of this profession is its pay packages and salaries. In merchant navy, the payment scales are kept high and is maintained by IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ILO (International Labor Organization). Even for a fresher, the salaries can range from US$ 1,500 to US$ 2,000. This ratio highly depends upon your hiring company, qualification, and position.


Merchant navy professionals who spend a minimum of six months on a vessel are not subjected to taxes for a specified financial year. However, other merchant marines have to pay taxes, of they meet exemption requirements.


Working for months on a vessel with novel team members teaches high professionalism, good communication skills and high discipline. Being a part of a novel team for months, brings a great personality change in a person.


Traveling to exotic locations and seeing new places every year is most probably the biggest perks of this job. You will be able to see those parts of the world that normal people dream to visit.


You will get a chance to spend time with team members who belong to different cultures, backgrounds and even nationalities. This will give you experiences that you will never gain from any other job in the world.


Your career in merchant navy will subject you to multiple emergency situations and unexpected events. This will improve your problem-solving skills and will help you to work better under pressure.


You can apply for a job in merchant navy immediately after your high school exams with physics and mathematics. If you don’t want to pursue any higher education and want to take up a feasible job with a good payout, then merchant navy is ready for you.


The qualities of punctuality and discipline will help you live a better and more productive lifestyle. Being focused and highly cautious is very crucial in the unpredictable oceans that your job will take you into.


As the job requires long working months it also gives equally compensating long vacations. You can enjoy being on land as well as water when you for this profession.


In merchant navy, you are given multiple opportunities of feeding your adventurous desires. From taking up challenges in the ocean to exploring distant lands, you work and enjoy at the same time.

So, become a merchant marine and live your life to the fullest and earn good money. For assistance with careers at sea, you can approach TMC Shipping. They are India’s leading Marine career advisors and provide assistance with both, sponsored and non-sponsored maritime courses.

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