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Important Organizations Seafarers Can Contact For Help

Help Available When Needed!

Seafarers are always on the verge of high risk. And the vulnerability increases when one is in the middle of a vast ocean and does not know whom to contact. When you don’t know which organizations help seafarers? And if you are under the trap of any legal problems, that can be the worst case scenario for you and your vessel. Apart from this, there can be other disputes too like remuneration disputes, owner-worker disputes and much more. Surely, these kinds of problems cannot be solved easily with mutual understanding. There’s a need for a neutral party with more authority to intervene in the matter.  Here comes the role of the different organisation which help Seafarers. Let’s take a look at some such organisations–

International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)

Established in 1896, this organisation is regarded as the very first organisation to approach for marine problems. It is a global union which negotiates various legal problem including different interests and rights of Seafarers.

International Labour Organisation (ILO)

ILO forms a part of United Nations and deals with different labour standards across the world. Established in 1919, it has different semi-organisations which deal with different sea worker problems– Maritime Labour Convention, Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers Convention are just some of them.

The Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI)

It was established in 1834. Started off as an agency, this organisation provides help to Seafarers whether it’s personal, professional or spiritual.

Sailors Helpline

An India based organisation, it was founded in 2002 with the aim of providing social services to the Seafarers. Basically, it is an NGO which attracts volunteers from the legal profession, church, and others from many different industries. These professionals try to help out sailors through volunteer services.

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS)

Irrespective of the nationality of the Seafarers, this agency provides help and support to sailors in the major ports of Great Britain. Founded in 1922, it works in the association of ITF and ILO. Mainly different volunteers work in this organisation to help seafarers in need.

International Christian Maritime Association (ICMA)

Established in 1969, this organisation works with approximately 28 NGOs for the welfare of sailors in need. They retain their autonomy by seeking volunteer help from different industries and churches.

Seafarers UK

This organisation is a charity fund that tends to help Seafarer’s family in need. They work individually to give out grants or works with other welfare charities as well.

International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN)

This organisation mainly works to resolve disputes between Seafarers while they are on board. They are available and can be contacted throughout the year.

Seafarer Support

An organisation designed to help retired sailors and seafarers, it is associated with Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Merchant Navy and Fisherman (UK). From advice to financial help, they provide a wide range of support.

Other organisations

Apart from the above list, there are other organisations too like– Sailors’ Society, Maritime Piracy, Marine Insight, New England Seafarers Mission (NESM), etc.

Sailors and their families play a major part in keeping this world going as almost 90% of world trade by volume is handled by the shipping industry. The jobs they perform, even though, not as dangerous as defence forces, carry a lot of risk and danger. This community deserves all the support they can get to make their lives easier.


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    1. Thank you for sharing that additional information. Seafarers deserve as much help and assistance they can get. Thank you The Mission to Seafarers for helping our seafaring friends.

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