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National Maritime Day Celebrations in Chandigarh

Maritime is one of the most important sectors in the development of every country as it is related to sea trade, naval matters etc. Many people want to pursue their career in this industry but only a few make the cut.

Indian Maritime industry is important for India to emerge as a major center for trade and commerce.

Talking about Indian Maritime sector, 5th April is marked as an important day for every citizen as on this day in 1919 first Indian ship owned by Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd. journeyed to the United Kingdom.

Every year people connected to maritime sector organize events to celebrate this day as well as to salute the mariners who lost their lives at sea.

National Maritime Day Celebrations at Chandigarh

Chandigarh Committee of the National Maritime Day headed by Capt. M.S. Kahlon every year organizes an event with the support of Government of India’s Central Committee in the city.

2nd  April 2018

This year they organized a seminar on the topic “Indian Navy: An Ocean of Opportunity” where a series of activities took place.

This year the event was sponsored by TMC Shipping and The Nautical Institute, Chandigarh. The guest of honor on this occasion was Captain Vivek S. Anand, Director, NYK Line (India) who said that Indian Merchant Navy plays a vital role in the growth of Indian economy as almost 90 percent of trade is done by sea. He also stated that Indian Merchant Shipping fleet is largest among the developing nations.

Apart from this, Rear admiral Mukul Asthana, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Air) the other Chief Guest said that Indian Shipping industry is a facilitator of growth in the country.  Vice Admiral H.S. Malhi, AVSM, VSM of Indian Navy, Capt. K.J. Sujlana also shared their thoughts on the topic “Indian Navy: An Ocean of Opportunity”.

4th April 2018

Chandigarh Committee of the National Maritime Day headed by Capt. M.S. Kahlon continued the celebrations on 4th April. They organized a career counseling session in the NCC headquarter of the 1st Chd Naval Unit in the city.

5th April National Maritime Day, India

A final event was organized on 5th April. The committee and its sponsors called on people of Chandigarh to join them for “Wreath Laying to Commemorate National Maritime Day” at Bougainvillea Garden and War Memorial, Chandigarh.  The event was attended by Advisor to the Administrator Shri .Parimal Rai and the Home Secretary Anurag Aggarwal to pay respect to seafarers who lost their lives at sea.


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