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Skills Needed for Merchant Navy

Apart from the professional skills that each career demands there are some personal qualities and skills an individual need to possess for each profession. A career in merchant navy is no different. Apart from the technical knowledge which depends on the job requirement, there are some quintessential qualities that men and women who plan to work at sea need. Five key skills are:-

  • Leadership skills: At sea, each man has to be a leader. Irrespective of which rank and position you work at you need to be a good leader. You need to be self motivated as well as able to motivate others. Confidence is a key ingredient in a leader and a seaman.
  • Ability to learn quickly and effectively: To be successful in Merchant Navy one needs to be aware of the latest vessel technology. One should be always ready to learn about the latest equipment and systems. Keeping up with technology is essential.
  • Team Player: As the quote of Aesop ,”In union there is strength.” Sailing a ship is not an individual task. You need to be able to work with others successfully to achieve common goals to be a successful sailor.
  • Ability to cope with life at sea, away from home: One of the most important things is that you should not feel homesick. Being at sea, means being away from home for long periods. However, it also means that time off is not measured in days but weeks and months. So, if you think you can stay apart from your family for months and time and tolerate them for months at a time, merchant navy is the right choice.
  • A thirst for travel, adventure and challenge: A career with Merchant Navy is all about travel. If you love to travel and explore the unknown this might be just the place for you. Also, one needs to a good decision maker and should have the ability to handle challenging situations calmly, without losing his/her temper.


So if you think you possess these skills, and you want to explore a successful career in Merchant Navy contact TMC to guide you.

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2 thoughts on “Skills Needed for Merchant Navy”

  1. Dear sir
    I am pharmacy graduate with haveing 4th years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, currently working in Singapore as a business manager.
    But I am looking the opportunity in merchant navy as a navigator because I have a customer handling skill, so that I can work as a navigator or as per your suitable job for me. I am waiting for your response.
    Thank you

    1. Greetings Pushkar,

      A job in navigation department is not about customer handling skills. A Navigation (Deck) Officer is a vital member of the ship’s management team – responsible for making decisions on steering and maneuvering the ship, controlling navigation and communications. So it’s important to be a good team member, decisive, calm and someone who inspires confidence in others. You’ll need to be interested in technology and have good mathematical, written and verbal skills. Overall – confidence, enthusiasm and self-reliance are also essential. You would need the neccessary training for the job. There are different qualifications that can lead to a career as a navigation department member. To know more you may check the following links:-

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