Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy – A Luxurious Career

What does luxury mean? According to dictionary it means a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. However, in case of a career in merchant navy a state of great comfort or elegance is true. But the expense is not yours but the Shipping companies.

There are over 50,000 merchant vessels involved in International trade at the moment and most of these vessels are designed and outfitted to provide the crew great living environment. The shipping companies are aware that their crews would spend days and months at a time aboard a ship and hence they make sure that they provide them with comfortable living quarters and all required amenities including facilities for recreation.

Imagine living on a small self-sufficient island. That is how it feels living on a Merchant Ship. The members of the crew are all allotted cabins; in some cases these might have to be shared. They might be small but they are comfortable and can be personalized to reflect your personality. Cleanliness is given a lot of importance and the cabins, bathrooms and common areas are all kept spotless. The best thing is that it’s all free. The only money you spend is spent on shores. So you earn but there’s no need to spend until you reach land.

Many ships are fitted with gyms, entertainment areas with large screen TVs, music systems, Play stations etc. Some also have gaming rooms with billiard tables, pin ball machines, etc. Hence, you are kept entertained all the time.

At the end the most luxurious aspect of a career at sea is the opportunity to travel and visit exotic locales. A seafarer gets to visit more places in his lifetime than a common man even dreams of. Meeting new people, eating different cuisines, experiencing new cultures are all part of a career in merchant navy. If this doesn’t make it a luxurious career, then what would!


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