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Tasks Performed by Merchant Marines

To understand the job or duties of a merchant marine one has to experience it, as job or responsibilities of a merchant marine are not very common and everyone can’t understand them. However, we have tried to explain some of the job responsibilities below for you to understand what a career at sea entails.

1. Navigation:

This is one of the primary duties of the deck department of the Merchant Navy. There is a myriad of marine navigation equipment which the officers handle and operate with the help of ratings and using these they keep the ship on course and on time.

2. Cargo Care:

The primary purpose of Merchant Navy is trade and commerce. Therefore, safe keeping of cargo is another essential duty of all the people working on the merchant vessel. During bad weather situations the marine staff tries to keep the cargo safe. Also they adopt such handling practices that the cargo won’t get damaged in transportation.

3. Maintenance:

Another essential and crucial part of a merchant marine’s duty on a merchant vessel is keeping the ship and equipment in good condition. The vessel remains at sea for long periods and a lot of maintenance activities like chipping, painting, tests etc. are carried out by the on-board staff to ensure the vessel’s safe and smooth functioning.

4. Engine maintenance:

This is the prime responsibility of the Engine Department. These are trained and professional Marine Engineers with complete knowledge of the engine room equipment. They along with the Engine room ratings take care of the engine maintenance.

5. Tackling emergencies:

Inspite of all the technical and technological advancements, life at sea is still unpredictable. The merchant marines are trained and prepared to handle emergencies like capsizing, sinking, grounding, breakdown, fire, collision etc. In case an emergency arises the entire staff follows the emergency procedures. They also continuously carry out drills to ensure preparedness for such situations.

Apart from this a merchant marine performs many other duties day in and day out, which a land lubber who has never been to sea won’t understand.


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