Life At Sea

Life at Sea as experienced by one Woman at Sea

Written and Shared by Third Officer - NidhiWalia

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, while most wear them on the fingers, some prefer them on shoulders. Not all diamonds can be bought. Some have to be earned. I earned my first diamonds at the age of 22 and bought the second ones soon after. While the diamonds on my fingers shine bright; the ones on my shoulder make me see the world more clearly.

As fascinating as it might look from far away, Merchant Navy is much more than a highly paying adventurous profession. It is another name for responsibility- responsibility to look out for your ship and your ship mates. It is a profession where you can’t take an off just because you don’t feel like working today. It asks you to be disciplined, to be professional and to be sincere.

Third Officer Nidhi-Walia

It may sound a little difficult but it all pays off the moment you see a mighty ship turning on your orders. It is a feeling only few of us are privileged to have. There will be times when you will feel like you are not appreciated or not trusted for your work just because of your gender, as it happens in any other profession; at that time, remember the fact that you earned your diamonds and keep going. Because when you hold the helm, that feeling at the end of the day will make everything worth it.

It is not just a profession that allows you to travel the world but it allows you see the world and understand the difference. People often ask me if I feel safe onboard, and I cannot explain how sea makes me feel safer than I ever felt on land. Sometimes I miss home and feel like I am missing out on a lot of things but when I go home after 6 months; I am there 24X7 with no work load on my mind.

Lastly, sea teaches you to appreciate the little things in life. You will appreciate the sea when it is calm and yourself when it gets rough!


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