Life of a Sailor – An Adventurous and Challenging Career

Whenever we talk about merchant navy, the first thing comes in the mind are the great pay packages and an opportunity to travel the world. Many individuals join the shipping industry considering they have opted for a career where they can work with comfort and can earn handsome money. However, the life of a sailor is full of challenges as you face different weather conditions.

The first step to join the merchant navy is Deck or Engine Cadet. With relevant sea service and qualification, you get promoted to officer rank. The journey starts when you step inside the maritime academy to acquire the required skills and knowledge to serve the shipping industry.  After completing education, you get to experience the sea life. Since you are working as a trainee, you are instructed to assist senior officers in their day to day operations and learn as much as you can about the department you are looking to work with. You have to stay focused and give proper attention towards each and every aspect as self-learning is important on a ship.

New cadets are the most talked about topic on the ship as senior officers always look upto them to assist them in their work. The learning phase is quite important as this is where you come to know about the work responsibilities of different ranks however you should also enjoy your stay at sea. An internship is one of the most crucial for a newly hired cadet as with experience and clearing qualification exams; you get promoted and become the important member of the department as you have better understanding and knowledge about how the work needs to be accomplished. With DG Shipping guidelines, things have changed for cadets in the last few years as now they get equal respect and better opportunities to learn and excel in their career.

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