Life At Sea

Life at Sea

Written and Shared by Ilham Modi Bharmal

She must have woken up by now, he thought,
His gentle face, with wrinkles fraught.
She must have tied her hair in a bun,
And set off on her morning run.
The run must have involved cooking up a breakfast marathon,
Household chores, endlessly piled on.
She must have, by now, dropped our child to school,
The car was running low on gas, she must have headed to refuel.
She always forgets to enjoy her morning meal,
How can she remember! There’s so much with which to deal!
Captain just called, it’s time to go on the Bridge,
Its Monday today, her day to clean up the fridge.
The ship has set sail and we will soon reach a new country,
She must be standing outside school by now, under that dusty Banyan Tree.
It’s time for lunch, I’ll head to the dining room,
Could she have made today, my favourite potatoes and mushroom ?
My child must have set off by now; after school to play,
She must be watching him, seated on the garden bench, dodging the suns piercing ray.
Her hand on her forehead, she must be forlorn,
Over the years, so much stronger she has grown.
I called her last night, hoping we could have talked,
But she had lost the key, out of the home she was locked !
I panicked and wondered what she would now do!
She calmly responded – “This is nothing new’.
I felt at ease to know I had married a woman, strong as steel,
Using resilience and patience, with storms she can deal.
When people ask me how I can be strong enough to brave weather storms,
I want to tell them that strength can come in many forms.
Yes, strength does come from braving storms at sea,
But strength also comes from knowing she cares for my child and me.
Strength comes from staying apart for many days,
Strength comes from her proudly flaunting her greys.
Strong as she is, I know she cries,
But whenever she cries, her weakness dies.
She must have gone to bed by now,
Tired and exhausted, she pulls through another day and takes a bow.
Its break time for me now and I give her a call,
Its midnight and out of bed she crawls.
I spoiled her sleep, she really needs the rest
She tenderly asks, did you eat breakfast?
I look out of the bridge room, at the waters blue,
It reflects my mood and feelings true.
She understands somehow and gives me a flying kiss
It crosses several oceans and reaches me. Feels like pure bliss!
When I return home, she will be over the moon with joy!
Thrilled he shall be to see his ageing traveller dad, My little boy!
People often refer to her as a Sailors Wife,
She keeps it a secret. She is the Captain of a ship called – MY LIFE!

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