Know about Differences Between Merchant Navy and Defence Navy

People who want to make a career at sea always have one question in mind whether to join Merchant Navy or Defence Navy. Although a career in both these industries has a similar work base, but still there are many differences between Merchant Navy and Defence navy that one needs to know before deciding to secure a career at sea.

Merchant Navy and Defence Navy both have their own advantages and disadvantages and but it’s up to the individual who has to take the decision based on interest and preference before selecting one. Here, we would guide you about the differences between Merchant Navy and Navy as what you can expect and what are the career prospects in them.

There are two ways to start a career at sea, one through the naval services of the respective nation and another one is through merchant marine services. While both are related to work at sea, there are several differences between them and need to be cleared so that you can choose a career path. Let’s go through and know about the differences

Merchant Navy is the term used for commercial marine services that includes shipping of cargo as well as people across many places in the world. The work of Merchant Navy is not limited to any one nation as it has been spread across the world. However, there are some rules and regulations that are imposed by the governing body or IMO (International Maritime Organization) in order to ensure consistency in the work carried out. To make it clear, Merchant Navy is a commercial form of sea career that is administered by both governmental and private shipping companies.

Defence Navy refers to the country’s maritime military wing. Naval vessels are those which are employed at times of international disaster to protect and save the water boundaries of a country from getting attacked unjustifiably. Every country with a waterline has its own navy service with its own rules and regulations. So, a career in the Defence navy would involve services for the nation

There are different eligibility criteria to secure a career in both these fields. To make a career in the Merchant Navy, you need to have a basic high school education with subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Those willing to apply for a higher position must have graduation degree with them. To join Defence Navy, you must be a citizen of the nation where you are applying.

Looking at the pay scale in these fields while merchant marine is recognized for high salary packages and an adventurous life at sea, the pay scale in Navy depends upon the position as well as the total work experience. Both Merchant Navy and Navy have their own hierarchical system where in Merchant Navy you can start your career in the Deck, Engine or Steward Department as a Cadet and can be promoted to higher ranks according to the sea experience. The ranks in Defence Navy starts at lieutenant level which is the lowest rank on which you can join. The rankings are different in every country, but every rank comes in responsibility to give your best.

A great level of commitment and passion is required to pursue a career in both these sectors. Those who want to explore careers at sea can choose either of these fields.


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