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How to keep your love alive, when the sailor is away at sea?

A sailor’s life is difficult. They need the love and support of their spouse to keep them going. They also need your understanding and patience. Separation and absenteeism can often cause rift between couples. So it becomes essential for both partners to make an effort to keep their love strong and healthy.

1. Spend time together:

When the sailor is home, spend as much time as possible together. Don’t let your work keep you away. Plan a nice vacation, if possible. Go out on dates, go for picnics, spend quality time at home and make sure to have some personal time away from kids and family too.

2. Make the return memorable:

On the day your sailor is supposed to return, do something special to make him or her feel loved and cared for. Maybe throw a party to welcome him home or plan a get-together with family and friends. Even a handmade banner or large greeting card can have a great impact. Try and be there to receive him or her at the airport or the station, maybe even carry a bouquet of his/her favourite flowers.

3. Stay in touch:

If the shipping company has onboard internet facilities, use them and according to his/her schedule try and squeeze in a skype session or chat atleast once a day. In the absence of internet facilities try and use phone calls to share family news and share your sailor’s stress.

4. Write to him/her:

Letters are any day more romantic than emails and messages. It might not be possible to get your letters across to your sailor while he or she is at sea. But you could write a letter for each day or each week he/she is away and give the letters to him or her once they return home. This would make them realise how much you missed them and how much you love them.

5. Plan Surprises:

When the sailor is away at sea, he/she might be forced to celebrate his or her birthday away from you. Do something special for them on such days. Maybe make them a video or record and send a song. Don’t let them feel forgotten.


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