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Internet – Making a Sailor’s Life Easier

Internet has had an impact on every life it has touched. The role of internet in making globalization possible is as big as that of trade. Our sailors too have benefited from the presence of internet. Life for a sailor isn’t as isolated today as it was before internet became popular. There are many benefits of internet for a sailor:

1. Keep Connected with Family and Friends:

Internet has made it possible for the sailor to keep in touch with family and friends while away on sea. Today they can use Skype, G-talk, Facebook, Gmail etc. to stay in touch with what’s happening back home. Wishing happy birthday, saying all the best and watching a school recital video helps the sailor in touch with his children’s growth and development.

2. Stay Aware:

Social Media websites help sailors remain aware for what is happening in the lives of people they care for. Looking at pictures on Facebook, status updates, opinions and views on twitter, they don’t feel as isolated as the earlier sailors used to.

3. Expand Knowledge:

While on sea, away from family and friends, sailors have a lot of time on their hand when they aren’t working or sleeping. Because of internet, they can now use this time to read and expand their knowledge. They can use online reading options and download e-books to keep themselves busy.

4. Entertainment:

While at sea, there didn’t used to be many entertainment options. Sailors in the past used to sing and dance. Today with the improvement in technology, TV and Music Systems provide entertainment options. Added to these, internet has made staying entertained easier for sailors.

5. Stay Updated:

While on sea, a sailor’s world shrinks to the vessel alone. However, because of internet a sailor doesn’t have to feel cut off from the world anymore. He or she can stay aware of what’s happening throughout the world with online news websites. Even innovations in technology can be read and learnt about through the internet offshore. So, that the time off at home is better spent with family and friends.


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Neha Gupta

A Professional writer with over 10 years of experience, I love writing and learning about new areas during the process. Writing about merchant navy has given me a close look at the sacrifices made by the seafaring community and it is a pleasure to bring to light, through my blogs, for all to see and view, the hard work and dedication of these unsung heroes i.e. the seafarers.

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