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The Story Behind the International Day of the Seafarer

90% of the world trade is carried out through sea. Shipping is the backbone of the world economy. The people who keep our lives going through their contribution and sacrifices at sea are the seafarers. To acknowledge their contributions and make the world aware of their work, the International Day of the Seafarer came into being.

It all started in 2010, when the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) designated the 25th of June as the International Day of the Seafarer. IMO is an agency of the United Nations. It is an organisation which works to promote security and safety in International shipping. It is also involved with the regulation of the maritime traffic. The organisation also takes measure to reduce pollution of the oceans.The slogan for IMO is “Safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans.”

In 2010, a Diplomatic contingent met in Manila to discuss and adopt some revisions to the existing shipping codes and standards. At this conference it was decided that seafarers’ contribution to the trade, world economy and society as a whole need to be brought into light for the world. With this purpose the ‘Day of the Seafarer’ was formulated to thank the shipping community for its unparalleled services.

The objectives of this campaign are:-
  • to make the general public aware of the vital services provided by the seafaring community to international seaborne trade and in turn the world economy;
  • to thank the seafaring community for their unique contribution and show that we acknowledge their sacrifices and the difficulties they face;
  • to promote the existence of better, safer and more secure world where the seafarers could operate.
The theme for the International Day of the Seafarer 2016 is “At Sea For All”. This theme aims at emphasizing that the efforts and work of the seafarers are not just for themselves or their career but for the community as a whole. #AtSeaForAll

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Neha Gupta

A Professional writer with over 10 years of experience, I love writing and learning about new areas during the process. Writing about merchant navy has given me a close look at the sacrifices made by the seafaring community and it is a pleasure to bring to light, through my blogs, for all to see and view, the hard work and dedication of these unsung heroes i.e. the seafarers.

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