Indian Navy Officer Solo Circumnavigation – Abhilash Tomy

A proud moment for the entire nation as our First Indian Navy Officer Abhilash Tomy who circumnavigated the globe in 2013 is now ready to participate in the Golden Globe Race which involves a strenuous 30,000 miles solo circumnavigation of the globe starting from France in July 2018.

Abhilash first achieved the feat in 2012-13 when he sailed for 151 days in INS Mhadei. He started the journey from the Gateway of India on 1st November 2012 and crossed from west to east, the Indian, Southern, Pacific and Atlantic oceans covering around  23,100 nautical miles to end the journey on 31st March 2013. He faced lot of challenges during the journey but he was committed to become the second Asian to complete the journey.

A ceremony took place on 6th April 2013 in his honor where he was received by the then President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee who stated that Abhilash Tomy is an inspiration for young and future seafarers.

He is now preparing for his second circumnavigation of the globe in a motorized sailboat. He started the journey on 1st July when he sailed into Les Sables d’Olonne in France. He is special invitee at the race.

Abhilash is determined to complete the journey in 311 days and break the record of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first human to complete the solo circumnavigation of the globe in 312 days. The race will continue sailing eastward in the southern hemisphere and will reach the Atlantic ocean for the final leg.

There will be challenges in the journey which not just Tomy but every other participant has to come across is to have boat, equipment and tools which look like the one used by Sir Johnston in this era of advanced technology.

Sharing his experience from first circumnavigation, Tomy explained that he used GPS Maps and Satellite- based technologies and a radio set for contact. He mentioned that Sir Johnston used rain water and he is looking to do the same as there is not going to get any assistance from outside world.

He stated that he is now planning to carry a list of few things i.e. 1000 meals to tinned food, 300 litres of water, 140 litres fuel, gas cylinders and a collection of books. Besides this, he is carrying safety equipments considering the safety measurements.

He said that he is preparing for the race since 2016 and understand the challenge is four times bigger than his last journey and he is ready for it.


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