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The Indian Maritime University (IMU) was established by the IMU Act on 14th September 2008. It is based out in Chennai and has six campuses namely Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, Kolkata, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai Port. It’s headquarter started operations from Uthandi which is around 25 kilometres south of Chennai whereas the new campus is located between east-coast road and old Mahabalipuram road.

Within few years of operation, it has become one of the most prestigious institutes to pursue Maritime Education. It was established with the objective to promote maritime education, training and research in the country. Indian Maritime University not just provide quality education but also ensures to give sea life training experience to the students. As being well-supported by Indian Government, the programs offered by the IMU prepare the young people to secure their career in Merchant Navy and provide opportunities to experienced mariners to  learn and excel in their respective area of field i.e. Marine Engineering, Navigation Officer, Ship Handling, Crew etc.

Today IMU is ranked among the leading institutes for Maritime education and people from other nations register for the multiple courses offered by the IMU. In recent years, the university has started focusing on new areas of maritime education such as oceanography, maritime laws and security, cargo transportation and many other areas.

The main objective of establishing the Indian Maritime University is to generate more work opportunities in Indian Maritime Sector. Imparting knowledge and taking appropriate measures for promoting Shipping Industry is what makes IMU different from other institutes. The increasing demand of Indian Seafarers to work on International ships is a testimony of our quality education. Lot of work has been done to strengthen the framework for giving maritime education and training but there is still lot needs to be done to stay ahead of other countries in the Maritime sector.


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