Indian Major Ports Registered Positive Growth

The Indian Shipping Industry and major ports play a significant role in managing the nation’s trade and commerce. All Indian major ports registered growth in 2018. As per the records, major seaports in India registered a growth of 5.13% and in collaboration managed around 289 million tonnes cargo from April 2018 to August 2018 in comparison to 275 million tonnes during the last year.

Ports sector in India for the period from April to August 2018 registered positive growth in traffic and the ports that received high traffic are Paradip, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, New Mangalore, Cochin, DeenDayal (Kandla Port),  Kamarajar (Ennore Port), Jawaharlal Nehru Port and Chennai. Out of all these major ports the maximum growth was registered by Ennore Port which was around 17.24%, this port registered the highest growth because of the increase in other liquids, POL,  thermal and steam coal and other miscellaneous cargo.

For the period April to August 2018  Deendayal Port managed the maximum volume of traffic which is around 49 million tonnes, followed by Paradip Port who registered around 45 million tonnes. Together all major ports managed 61% of major traffic.

Commodity wise POL registered the highest percentage with 33% share, followed by Container 21%, Thermal and Steal Coal 15%, other miscellaneous cargo 11%, Coking and other coal 8%, Iron ore and pellets 6%, other liquid 4%, finished fertilizer 1% and FRM with 0.9%.

India has more than 200 major and minor seaports that provide great career opportunities to the people aspire to work in the Shipping Industry. To be a part of the Merchant Navy, you don’t need to work on a Merchant Ship as you can contribute to the success of a country’s economy by working on the port.

Looking at the numbers achieved in FY 18 in the Port sector in India, the future of the Shipping Industry looks brighter and more growth can be expected in the coming years.

Reference: pib.nic.in


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