IMO Adopts plan for Addressing Marine Pollution

The International Maritime Organization always work towards the betterment of the shipping industry and a better life for marine species. Adding to this, IMO address marine plastic litter from ships by adopting an action plan which aims to enhance current rules and regulations and will introduce new measures to reduce marine plastic litter from ships.

The action plan shows marine plastic litter enters the marine surroundings as a result of the sea and land-based activities. Both macro-plastics and micro-plastics endure in the marine atmosphere and result in some dangerous effects on marine life. Besides this marine plastic litter also puts a negative effect on fisheries and shipping as well as on tourism. Studies show that despite the precautionary measures being taken to protect water-bodies, the plastic still discharges into the sea.

The proposed action plan by IMO helps to identify the outcomes and take necessary actions. Some of the specifically identified measures include:

  • A complete study of marine plastic litter from the ship
  • To look into the availability and capability of port reception service
  • Promoting reporting the loss of fishing gear
  • To look after the provisions related to the fishing vessel personnel training
  • Familiarization of sailors to make sure awareness of the impact of marine plastic litter
  • To increase public awareness
  • To strengthen international collaboration specifically FAO and UN Environment

The International Maritime Organization action plan will be monitored on regular basis and updated as required. IMO will work in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization and other related organizations to work on the sustainable life for marine species.

Marine plastic litter posing dangers to sea creatures and to shipping from a long time. As per UN Environment, 15 percent of marine litter floats on the ocean’s surface and 15 percent remain in the water bodies whereas the rest 70 percent rests on the seabed.

IMO is taking this great initiative to protect oceans and let’s all of us come up and support them to reduce the lifetime risk for marine creatures and also clean our oceans.

Reference: imo.org


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