How to Join Shipping Industry – Deck and Engine Rating

Merchant Navy is a great career option for those who want are looking for adventurous opportunities and want to explore the world. To secure a career in this industry, you can either opt to work in the Deck Department or Engine Department. The first step to start a career in the Shipping sector is to know how to join as a Deck and Engine Rating. There are many maritime institutes and academies available to acquire knowledge and skills related to the work required on a Merchant Ship. Deck Ratings and Engine Ratings are two positions in which you can pursue your career in the Shipping Industry.

Deck Ratings are trained cadets who are on the ship to assist Deck officers in day to day activities. Professionals working as a rating are also called Bosun, Able Seaman, Ordinary Seaman etc. To join as a rating in the deck department, you need to go through a basic education and training program which includes STCW courses. The topmost position that rating can be promoted is Ship Master. The right courses for the Deck Rating position are GP Rating and Deck Cadet.

Engine Ratings are also trained cadets who assist the Engine officers in ensuring the smooth functioning of the ship. For this position, you should have basic technical education and knowledge about the technical aspects of the vessel like ship repairing, engine maintenance, machines and various equipment maintenance etc. The curriculum for this position also includes STCW courses. The highest position that engine rating can be promoted is Chief Officer. The right courses for the Engine Rating position are Diploma in Marine Engineering and B. Tech Marine Engineering.

Ratings are required by both Indian and Foreign shipping companies to manage the work in an effective manner in Deck and Engine department. With relevant sea- service and clearing competency exams, ratings can achieve the position they desire. If you are looking to join as a rating then you can contact TMC Shipping.


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