How to improve interpersonal relationships onboard?

Talking about interpersonal relationships onboard, it is the basic requirement. Seafarers stay away from their families and loved ones. Fellow crew members are the only option to communicate and talk to. The sailors work at sea for months.  And in these months they have to work as a team and discuss issues related to work with each other.

Single person cannot work alone on ship. In order to perform operations smoothly and without any problem, there are many people required to work together at sea. Different people have different opinions which may sometimes lead to ego clashes or conflicts. Sailors must build good interpersonal relationships onboard for a healthy ambience at the ship.

Let’s find out various ways of improving interpersonal relationships onboard:

Problem sharing

The mariners should communicate effectively with each other. They should share their problems as a problem shared in problem halved. As the sailors stay away from families, crew is their other family. They should talk to each other and maintain social relationships onboard.  Greeting everyone and respecting each other’s views are considered appreciating.

Don’t blame others

Before blaming any of the colleagues it is necessary to identify who was involved in a problem. Otherwise this blame game will turn against you. If you say it’s not my fault and start blaming others for failures you will have enough enemies.

Knowing each other

Another way to improve interpersonal relationships on board is to know each other. Spending time by playing games and doing other recreational activities together helps sailors to know each other. They may get to know the good qualities of the fellow sailors. It helps to build good relations on both on work as well as off duty.

Keeping commitments

On the ship, work is interconnected. If one fails to meet deadlines and commitments, the work of other sailors also gets affected by it. One should always keep commitments. If one can’t do so, he should make sure that all the affected sailors know what happened and what the reason was for the same for the better understanding. Also one should make efforts to cover up the loss due to such situations.

Good behavior

Good behavior is the key to good interpersonal relationships onboard. Share credit with mates for accomplishment of tasks. One should try to discuss new ideas and suggestions which you think are helpful.  Congratulate your co-worker for his success. Don’t be ignorant and jealous. Also wish and greet them on their birthdays.

Be open minded

In order to build interpersonal relationships onboard, give others a chance to know and understand who you really are. Creating trust, loyalty, and respect within the crew is a good way to build good relations among each other.

Avoid gossiping

Gossips are a major reason to kill interpersonal relationship onshore. If anybody is having conflict with someone in one’s group, he should talk to them directly about the problem. Gossiping about the situation with fellow sailors will worsen the situation, and will cause mistrust. Also it will take the conflict to another level.

Building and maintaining good interpersonal relationships onboard is not an easy task. It takes a lot of efforts to do so. It will not only boost your relations with the fellow members but will also enhance your personality and make you a better person.


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