How Seafarers Can Remove Stress and Stay Focused at Work?

A career in the Merchant Navy is both challenging and adventurous. To work on a ship, one must be mentally and physically tough to manage every situation in the best possible way. Many seafarers have spoken about their concerns related to the mental health issues which make an impact on their professional commitments. With the increase in such numbers, it is important to work towards seafarers wellbeing and provide them with the desired work environment.

Most of the young Merchant Navy aspirants misunderstood the concept of life on a ship to be full of comfort and an opportunity to explore the world and feel dissatisfied and unappreciated when they actually manage the work responsibilities on a ship. Let’s go through the reasons for the stress onboard ships and how one can tackle them to ensure the well-being of sailors.

Manage Shore-Leave

This is one of the best and perfect way for the Seafarers to get some out of their schedule to take rest and stay relax. Most of the times it has been seen that shore leave is cancelled after a long voyage by the Ship Captain for a particular seafarer from a punitive standpoint or even for the entire team due to work requirements. It is important for the Ship Master to approve shore-leave to the seafarers to get the best out of them.

Work on Improving Mental Health

Time has come that shipping companies and the concerned authorities(IMO) should take some necessary steps to improve the mental health of sailors. At present, there is no support available for the seafarers to share their experience and what they feel about their work life. Shipping companies must work on employing a counsellor or should share some helpline numbers for the Mariners to open up and express their views.

Increasing Global income of Seafarers

Merchant Navy is considered a great career option when it comes to earning some handsome money but they have earned it with their great determination and hard work. But still, there are some cases reported where their salary is deducted, delayed or remained same over the years. It is important for the shipping companies to work on better-earning opportunities for the seafarers.

More Available Support from Companies

While there are many organizations available that are working for the betterment of the sailors. But most seafarers are not aware as to how they can reach them in case of any assistance. International Maritime Organization (IMO) is one such organization that ensures a better lifestyle for seafarers and work to set some rules and regulations that assist the seafarers. Giving assistance to mariners related to mental and physical health should be mandated for the shipping organizations.

Improved Internet Facility

According to the recent survey conducted on the seafarers, it has been noticed that 95 percent of mariners see connectivity as something that has a positive effect onboard safety and security and 92 percent of seafarers stated that access to internet sturdily influences their choice on where to work. Internet access works as a stress buster for sailors as it helps them to stay in contact with family and friends.

A good day at sea can be described as the one where seafarers get an opportunity to test their limits, emerge as a winner and add value to the operational enhancement of the ship.


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