Why it’s Important for Seafarers to Buy Health and Life Insurance?

Seafarers must have insurance due to an occupational injury, illness, etc. They face many challenges while they explore the marine life. Let’s understand the importance of insurance in their life. Seafarer’s insurance is an important aspect for the betterment of their family in many ways.


As human beings, our family and property is always at risk. Sometimes from the more common ones like diseases and injuries and sometimes the more unexpected ones like death, accidents, fire, break in and more. Insurance minimises the cost of loss or effect of loss caused when one of these risks turns real. It is coverage against risk or risks. It is a way to ensure financial security even in the time of loss. Insurance is needed to ensure our future against risks.

Life Insurance

It is the amount paid out to the recipient after the policy holder’s death, or a certain period. It is necessary to secure our family’s future after we leave the world to ensure that they are left with enough resources to live their life comfortable and without worries.

Importance of Life Insurance for Seafarers

As we know the nature of the work seafarers do, their lives are always at risk. Insurance plays an important role in seafarers’ lives. They need insurance to secure their families’ future. Take a look at the importance of life insurance for seafarers.

  • Life insurance is of great importance for the seafarers. This will cover the risks when they are performing their jobs on-board. Seafarers must have a life insurance to protect them after their contracts end, or they retire.
  • After the death of seafarers, their family needs time to recover from the death. It is very difficult for their family to move on. If their death leaves a handful of unpaid bills, loans, EMI payments, etc. it will be hard for their families to cope with the loss as well as the financial burdens.
  • In many situations, the debt of a spouse or husband can be transferred over to the living person. This debt can crush a family and make it weak. In case they have insurance, their spouse does not have to worry about repaying their debts.
  • Insurance naturally brings relief to service personnel, and the family they have back at home. Their families will worry less when they will get to know that their expenses will be taken care of.
  • Grief from loss of life of a loved one can go on for a long time, but the financial help from insurance will also help in the long run. Insurance will give financial support to the family of seafarers.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is the one that covers the medical risks of a person. Health insurance is an insurance which covers medical and surgical expenses of an individual who is insured. It covers the expenses incurred due to illness or injury.

A seafarer faces many physical, mental and psychological problems. It’s not necessary that each one of them would be prepared for their health treatments. They do need health insurance for their health concerns.

The major concerns of seafarers’ health are:

  • Long working hours to meet operational needs.
  • The situations to adapt, homesickness and social needs.
  • The hazardous environment as well as accidents while working on the ship.
  • Less access towards medical facilities and its supplies.
  • The restricted environment and the climatic conditions on a ship.
  • Some Seafarers can get ill because of the nature of the work and their travel to various countries.
  • Loneliness and homesickness are the main psychological problems they may face. This may lead to insomnia & problems which make them feel tired and restless. It leads to more stressing conditions and may result in lack of concentration and focus.

Physical as well as mental health problems among the seafarers is common if we consider the difficulties of the work that a seafarer has to face on a ship. They need to recover from health issues. Also, their life is at risk working on the ship. For a seafarer who hasn’t saved that much money, arranging for funds at the peak time can be a difficult task. So to avoid inconvenience and long term difficulties, health insurance is must for seafarers.


Seafarers perform a very risky job at the sea, which may lead to mishap. Risks are a part of life. They cannot be eliminated but they can be minimised. Insurance minimises the risks of life and health. So there is a need for health and life insurance for the seafarers.

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