A Guide to choose the Right Shipping Company

Today the Internet has made our life easier as we can easily access the information before taking any decision be it purchasing some product on an e-commerce website or applying for a job with a specific organization. Now the question arises here is that does the same principle apply to ship websites offering multiple job opportunities. Shipping Industry is a great career option to get to discover the amazing lifestyle with different challenges. It is vital to choose the right Shipping company that gives you an opportunity to learn and excel.

At present, there are many shipping companies advertise on maritime websites with some great and attractive offers similar to the ones being offered by e-commerce sites. The only difference between e-commerce websites and maritime websites is that you don’t find much information about the shipping company you are looking to work with. Besides not sharing enough information about their work background, they still manage to attract sailors to work with them.

For any seafarer, the most important thing while applying for a job is wages. Every sailor expects to receive a lucrative pay package for the hard work he puts in while working on a ship. But this is not the only thing that they need to consider before joining a shipping company

Acquire as much information as you can about the shipping company, its advertisers and its reputation from other seafarers who worked with them

Always do a complete research about the company and never agree to share the job terms over the phone instead visit the company office and accept the offer after meeting their tea

Go for complete medical examination before joining as there are cases reported where sailors have been asked to return home due to their illness

Always read all service terms and conditions before signing the contract in order to ensure job safety

Get answer for all the questions which you have in your mind before joining as it helps to take the best decision

Check the company work policy and what all benefits do they provide to the Seafarers. Most of the shipping companies do not cover medical insurance which may be a concern at the later stage

Always receive some job terms and acceptance documentation via email as this ensures to prove your point in case if shipping company make any changes in them

There are many other things that you must consider to choose the right shipping company but if you have to pay complete attention to these points that you can ensure a successful career at sea.


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