Seven skills needed to become a good sailor

The qualities required to become a good sailor are not something to be learnt. One needs to possess such qualities. Every sailor wants to be a good sailor. But in reality it needs a lot of effort and hard work to become one.

Here are some qualities one needs to attain to become a good sailor:

Effective communication skills

When on-board a sailor needs to have good communication skills. Communication is the basic thing through which work is accomplished on the ship. Effective listening and speaking skills are necessary on-board. This will help the rest of the sailors to get clear and more understanding of their work.


Another essential quality a sailor needs to possess is leadership. Leadership helps a sailor think strategically. This will maximize the efficiency of the crew. Leading a group of sailors is something motivating. Being a good leader one need to bring out the best in his fellow sailors.


Working on the ship is not an individual effort as it requires a team-work to accomplish the tasks on time. A single person cannot take all the responsibilities. Each one has certain skill in which he/she has excelled. Therefore, the work is divided among different individuals who collectively work as a team for the successful working of the ship.

Decision making ability

People are often seen saying that they find it hard to take decisions. However it is a quality essential for a good sailor. A good sailor should be able to take real time decisions. This will help a sailor to think unfavorably.


Discipline is needed in anything you do. A sailor should behave professionally and work as per the rules and regulations. One should indulge in activities that create mess and effect the work of other people. Also the person should be punctual so that the continuity of the work should remain unaffected.


Dedication towards work as well as one’s professionalism matters a lot at sea. A mariner should be committed towards both to his fullest. This shows their commitment towards their work and bring more opportunities to excel.

Self-sufficient and independent

Since the sailors live on-board without their families, they don’t have someone to depend upon. So here they learn the qualities such as self-sufficiency and being independent. It helps them to attain inner stability and endure loneliness.

A good sailor is required to manage the shipping work. The qualities and skills mentioned above not only develop the personality of a sailor but will also make him/her confident.  They will add goodness to a sailor to make him/her a good sailor.


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