Everything you need to know about Marine Engineering

Over the last few years, Engineering as an area of study and research has developed and expanded far beyond our expectations. Today it has branched into several specialized fields and most of these are related to electrical, electronics, mechanical, computers, civil etc. One important branch of it is Marine Engineering. It is one of the most important departments of the Shipping Industry which ensures the smooth functioning of all equipment and machines on a Merchant Ship.

Marine engineering is the area of study that deals with the development, designing, production and maintenance of the shipping equipment and onboard sea vessels like container, ship, boat etc. A person who studies marine engineering is a marine engineer and is accountable to manage operations, repair and maintenance of all key mechanical and electrical equipment on a ship. There are various mechanical systems available that assist them in the operations work such as propulsion mechanics, lubrication, power generation system, water distillation, lighting etc.

Some key work responsibilities of the marine engineer while working on a ship is to checking and maintaining mechanical systems, maintenance planning and records keeping, fuel oil bunkering, provide assistance during an emergency breakdown. Apart from this, the individual is also responsible to follow the orders of the Chief Engineer who is the head of the Engineering department.

Marine Engineering is quite demanding field as it requires you to be physically fit and mentally strong in order to manage the ship operations in the most effective way. The mechanical system of ships is quite different from the one that engineers manage ashore. After completing study in Marine Engineering, a student gets eligible to work on ships depending upon their knowledge and expertise. Any individual who has studied in this field can join both National and International ships as a junior engineer and after spending mandate sea time and clearing exams can be promoted to the officer rank.

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