Digitalization and Shipping Industry

Digitalization is something everyone is aware of. It has affected every industry in a positive or negative way.  Similarly, it has some impact on the shipping industry too. Digitalization and Shipping Industry is what we will be talking about in this article. As it is very much known that Shipping industry is the backbone of international trade.In it, more and more ships are needed to transport things from one place to another. Also much equipment is required. Besides ships and equipment there are many other things involved in this industry which are affected under the impact of the digitalization.

Let’s go through some of the impacts of digitalization on shipping industry.


The shipping industry is very huge and progressing. It still undergoes various technological problems. The main among them is communication. Ships at the sea face various communication challenges. It is a fact that nearly two-third of ship crews around the world does not have any means of communication while on the open sea. This may often become an obstacle in the effective working of the ship. But with the digitalization, shipping industry is overcoming with this problem.


Transparent access to common information is getting more and more important in the shipping industry.The modular solutions of our Cloud Fleet Manager belong to the most innovative software products for successful shipping company management. It is our aim to provide all data everywhere and at all times in a consistent way. This is the only way efficiency, quality and speed of action can be improved at the same time.

Data Availability

Making data available and reporting it further was a complicated task. With the digitalization and shipping industry becoming digital, there has been an increase in data availability such as weather data, position data, machinery data, logbook data, loading data etc. The digital services have helped in communicating safety status to the stakeholders, developing new rules and regulations and increasing safety.

Monitoring of equipment

Earlier monitoring of equipment was difficult. The engineers were supposed to visit vessels and check the conditions of the equipment. Due to digital service, softwares are used to easily monitor the equipment. As a result 50% of the maintenance cost can be saved. Also there has also been up to a 70% reduction in visits by engineers to vessels which decreases the cost for hiring engineers.


Talking about Digitalization and Shipping Industry, as discussed in every point digitalization has affected shipping industry in a positive way. It has gradually advanced the working of the ship and helped overcome many of the problems. It has been proved a boon to the shipping industry.


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