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Why Career at Sea is the Right Choice for You?

It is often seen that people get confused between Navy and Merchant Navy. Indian navy is the naval division of the Indian armed forces whereas Merchant Navy deals in commercial trade. It is a fleet of ships which deals in trading of commercial commodities. It is the backbone of international trade. Many individuals carry out work to import as well as export from one country to another.

Merchant Navy is one of the best careers in today’s time. There are numerous benefits of choosing this as a career option. Let’s discuss some of them.

Lucrative Pay Packages

The first benefit of a career in Merchant Navy is good pay package. Even though the packages vary from one company to the other, a trainee officer earns a good amount after getting certified as an officer by the Merchant Navy authority. With such great packages, one can fulfil his wishes and desires.

Paid to Travel

Paid Travelling is another benefit of pursuing career in Merchant Navy. One can travel around various places without being worried about expense. Unlike other jobs, one doesn’t need to pay for the travel.

Adventurous and Exciting

The responsibilities in Merchant Navy are challenging. Even though they are almost same every day but each day brings a new challenge and adventure. There are times when the crew has to face storms. This makes the work adventurous and exciting. The work at sea is not like a job in any other sector which is boring and unexciting.

Introduces One to New Cultures

As the crew travels to different places, the candidates get to know different cultures and customs across the globe. Also the sailors live and work with people from different parts of the country with which they become familiar to new cultures.

Many Job Opportunities

Merchant Navy provides large number of job opportunities. It provides a range of career paths, with opportunities on port and on-board. As the world trade is increasing at a high pace, there are various job opportunities available in this industry.

Teaches Professionalism

A sailor gets to learn many professional skills like team work, leadership, discipline, diligence, management etc. This helps one in building professional attitude. It is through this industry one gets a chance to gain knowledge about dealing problems and situations professionally. It enables a person to function better in a team.

Helps Become Independent Early

Merchant Navy courses start from an early age i.e., after 10th and 12th. Due to which candidates learn to be independent at young age. Also they are trained at the ship during their course which makes them independent. As, a part of this industry one becomes self-sufficient. He/She becomes capable of taking responsibilities of oneself and of the work assigned.

Extended Vacations

Being a sailor, one gets to enjoy long vacations. As a seafarer one stays away from family at sea and meets after long time. Extended vacations of months gives a person enough time to spend with family as well as loved ones. For most of the jobs one needs to get off from office to travel with the family. However; career in shipping provides the sailors flexible vacations to enjoy with the family. Some international ships even pay the salary for this period.

Travel and View the World

Travelling is one of the most important benefit of pursuing career in Merchant Navy. One gets to travel and view the different parts of the world. Mariners get chance to stay long at the port to see some of the most exotic places on earth for free.

Teaches Patience and Discipline

Making a career in Shipping  teaches you to be patient at difficult times. A person needs to learn discipline which is essential for the work at sea. Since the ocean situation is not predictable, a sailor is required to be focused and conscious. Also the sailors on the ship have to pay attention to the ocean pollution  as need to maintain hygiene.

If one desire to have a life full of adventure, travelling and enthusiasm then the Merchant Navy is the right place for you. Career in this sector is a good choice. It provides a wide range of job opportunities. You too can pursue your career in Shipping Industry.

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