Day of the Seafarer

Chandigarh to Celebrate ‘Day of the Seafarer’

This year, once again, 25th June will mark the annual ‘Day of the Seafarer’ (DotS). The world will celebrate at ports, cities, seafarer centers etc. This time Chandigarh too is going to celebrate the Day of the Seafarer in a grand way. TMC Foundation in collaboration with KCS Foundation is organizing Chandigarh Day of the Seafarer celebration. Both these foundations are working for upliftment and betterment of the seafaring community as well as people at large. Through this event they aim to bring to light the hard-work and commitment shown by the Seafarers. The highlight of this event will be a marathon which has been named – Run for Seafarers.

When asked about the idea behind this event Neeraj Kumar, President TMC Foundation said, “We want people of Chandigarh to know and appreciate all that the seafaring community does for us, land-dwellers. We want the people of Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali and the neighboring regions to come together and run for seafarers, this Day of the Seafarer.”

Marathon – Run for Seafarers

This marathon is open for participation to everyone and encourages people to run in support of Seafarers. It asks people to acknowledge seafarers and their contribution to the world economy and also our lives. It is a first of its kind marathon in the region.

The marathon is scheduled to start at 6.00 a.m. However, participants are requested to assemble at the starting point before 5.45 am. The course for the marathon is approximately 12 kilometers. It starts from Shakti Dwaar, Chandimandir Cantonment and ends at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. The first three runners to finish the Marathon will be awarded cash prizes and all participants will be felicitated with certificates and other goodies.

Other Highlights

Apart from the Marathon, Chandigarh Day of the Seafarer will also act as a vehicle to bring together all members of the Seafaring community and their families, who have been invited to attend the celebration at Sukhna Lake. Here general public attending the event would get a chance to interact one-on-one with Seafarers and hear their stories and seafaring experiences.

Additionally, after the celebrations at Sukhna Lake are over i.e. around 10 am, a motorbikes procession will start from there and will go upto The Maritime Academy campus in Morni. Here the bikers will be served a special lunch organized and sponsored by The Maritime Academy team.

Many prominent people from the region are scheduled to attend this prestigious event. Also, people from the region who have made unparalleled contribution to Sea Trade and Industry will be recognized and honored.

Industry Support

Companies like KCS Solar Power, TMC Shipping Pvt. Ltd., Fleet Management, Caravel, Anglo Eastern, 3 Bees shipping are supporting this amazing initiative by the KCS and TMC Foundations. Well respected Maritime organizations like The Company of Master Mariners of India and Merchant Navy Officer’s Association (MNOA), Chandigarh have also lent their support towards this event.

Max Healthcare, Super Specialty Hospital has come forward to support the event as a Medical partner. Known for providing world-class healthcare with focus on high standards of medical support and service, their support is much appreciated.

Thanking all the organizations that have come forward to support them on their journey to make Chandigarh Day of the Seafarer a success Mr. Ankit Sharma, President KCS Foundation said, “We are really grateful to all the people from these leading companies for supporting us and the Chandigarh Day of the Seafarer.”


So, Chandigarhians don’t miss this chance to do something special for the seafarers – Run for Seafarers. To register visit the TMC Foundation website.


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