5 Great Career Opportunities for Retired Sailors

Male and female sailors both have the right to choose the career options as per their preference after retirement. Working at sea takes a toll on your body and you are able to work there for around 10-15 years and then look for other career options.

While people working in other sectors plan to start their career well at the age of 17-18, a sailor needs to start their career again after retirement. Choosing the right career and then grow in it takes some time and this is where the challenge comes for the sailors. For professionals and people streamlined to a certain field, the options might be too many, right? But that’s not the case with sailors. However, irrespective of the gender, there are 5 career options that are always available. Let’s see what job opportunities are available and what the scope in them is.

What ‘freedom’ options does a retired sailors have?


Perhaps the most clichéd retirement job is that of a lecturer/professor. Why? Look at it this way: A lecturer has decent working hours, holidays and interaction with professionals in fields of similar interest and gets decent pay. Maritime institutions are growing in number and with this, the demand for experienced professionals, who are willing to inspire and teach the next generation sailors is required. This opens up a lot of opportunities, especially for the retired sailors. Sounds like ‘the ideal’ retired life right? Wait till you teach students.

Ports Management

As the name suggests, port management refers to the various management related jobs that are associated with ports and harbors. There are a lot of options for people who want to work at the ports such a administrative jobs, pilotage, traffic check etc. Sure, ordinary management professionals can do this job right? No. Retired, experienced sailors in fact, are the ideal candidates for such posts as they know what a port is and how it works. The experience required to work efficiently at these posts is something which cannot be bought.

Ship Broker/Chartering

A broker is a person who facilitates the exchange of some goods. A ship broker is a person who helps ship owners meets people who require ships for a certain period of time. They manage two working areas such as they look for ship owners, or, look for cargo for the ship owners. Retired sailors generally, maintain their contacts. Therefore, being a broker is not generally a hard task for them. Essentially, they require having in-depth knowledge about ships, cargoes and ways to treat the cargo during the whole shipping process. There are a lot of professional institutions and courses available that seek to train people to become ship brokers.

Maritime Surveyor

Remember in school, where teachers do frequent inspections to ensure discipline. A maritime surveyor is that teacher, except their work has consequences. Their job is to check the structure of the ship, its equipments and everything to ensure that the ship doesn’t face any technical difficulties while at sea. The principal here, are international organisations that have laid down certain rules that must be adhered to by ship owners/shipping companies. Experienced sailors generally, have a knack for such a job. Being on a ship for a major part of their lives, they know what all needs to be examined while inspecting a ship.


In a world where self-employment is gaining attraction, entrepreneurship should definitely be considered as a valid career option. After working at sea for years, they know the pros and cons of a working sailor better than anybody else. Perhaps a startup along these lines can be a good career option? Follow your passion, take it to the next step and make it your next career.

There are 5 best career options for sailors after retirement. However, you can opt for other options if you are a sailor and looking to start your career again after retirement.


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