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Career at Sea v/s Career on Land

There are a lot of differences between careers at sea and careers on land. No matter where you work you need to work hard. But there are some things which set a career at sea completely apart from others.

  1. At land most careers restrict you behind an office desk. When you work on a merchant ship in the marine industry, this isn’t so. You work on the ship which is like a small town floating on sea. The work is hard and you have your hours of operation fixed. But the freedom to move around is simply unbelievable.
  2. Careers at sea are much more adventurous and challenging than careers on land. Every day on sea is unique. You face storms, high tides, threat of piracy etc. day in and out. One learns to stay focused in face of a challenge and think calmly.
  3. Careers at sea are not restricted to 9 to 5. Unlike an office job, the work at sea is different. The crew works according to shifts. However, these shifts keepchanging and sometimes you might have to work extra in case of an emergency.
  4. Time off for seafarers is counted in months not days. People working on land get weekends for rest and recreation, whereas sailors get months off at a time. This means much more quality time to spend with family and friends.
  5. People, who work at sea, enjoy travel during work. People who work on land mostly take time off work to travel.This is completely different for seafarers. Their job is to travel.

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