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Canada’s $1.5 Billion National Oceans Protection Plan

Canada is a country that is known to possess the longest coastline in the world. This enormous length of coastline supports the livelihood of several indigenous people in the form of coastal vocation. This coastline also supports import and export of many commodities and goods which form the lifeline of the economy in the country. Canada’s lengthy coastline generates revenue through fisheries and tourism.

All this data indicates that Canada would benefit greatly from protecting its coastline through organized plans powering them with national finances. The country has lately realized that to achieve environmental sustainability it should harmonize its commercial interests with its indigenous and coastal communities.

In-keeping with the objectives of said plans the Canadian government headed by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently announced a marine safety plan meeting international standards which are highly detailed.

The marine safety plan is called the National Oceans Protection Plan and is valued at $1.5 Billion while being prioritized into four major areas:

  1. Creation of a world-leading marine safety system which has its focus on improving responsible shipping and protection of Canada’s waters. This will include new preventive and response measures.
  2. Protection and restoration of marine ecosystems and habitats using cutting edge research and development. This includes improved measures to address the issues of abandoned boats and wrecked ships.
  3. Creation of co-management practices and fostering of partnerships between the existing indigenous communities (coastal). This includes construction of local emergency response teams and increasing the capacity of the same.
  4. Investment in research and development with prime focus on oil spill clean-up and taking care that emergency decisions are evidence based.

Canada’s National Oceans Protection Plan is a highly focused effort based on the work executed over the previous two years between government programs, and indigenous and coastal communities. The plan is set to be executed in its entirety in the coming year. This plan is pegged to make Canada a world leader in Ocean conservation, especially the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic.

The massive funding of $1.5 Billion will be implemented over a period of five years starting from year 2017-2018. The very first change will be reflected with the opening of a Maritime Rescue Sub-Center in St. John’s, New Foundland.

The Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau aims to enforce Canada’s National Oceans Protection Plan by strengthening the Canadian Coast Guard, cracking down on oceanic pollution resulting from industry and directing funds towards restoration of damaged coastal habitats. He also states that new legislation will be written to up the responsibility of individuals or organizations owning marine vessels.

This marine plan was announced close on the heels of an accident where a barge flipped and sank close to a site on the British Columbia’s central coast where it hit the ground and spilled  100,000 liters of diesel.


Canada’s National Oceans Protection Plan is the first step towards harnessing the economic fruits of preserving our natural resources and in this case, our oceans. Water which covers a major portion of our planet is the first place to begin when it comes to environment conservation. That being said, Canada is definitely spearheading the positive race for saving the world. One coastline at a time!


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