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Best Career after 12th

After giving the 12th grade board exams, a student ends his school life and is about to embark on a new journey towards professionalism. A lot of questions and choices confuse him. A lot of facts and myths fight for supremacy in his brain and all he or she wants is an answer to the question: Which is the best career path after 12th? The answer is simple. It’s Merchant Navy.

Now you must be wondering why? There are many reasons and we’ll share some of them with you.

  1. Professional Courses designed for Industry needs: Unlike B.A., B.Com. , B.B.A.; the courses offered by Maritime Universities are designed keeping in mind the shipping and related industry needs. Therefore, you learn and prepare for a job. You don’t have to start from scratch when you enter the industry.
  2. Well defined career progression paths: Unlike other industries the career paths in maritime industry are more well-defined and clear cut. For example, a deck cadet can progress to a 3rd Officer position if they acquire the right qualifications and have appropriate experience. He or she can then progress to a Chief Officer after additional educational qualifications and experience. After qualifying a Masters Exam, one can become a sea captain. If you know, what you want it’s easy to find out how in Merchant Navy.
  3. Many Opportunities: 90% of the world trade depends on the shipping industry. Therefore, there’s no dearth of jobs. If you have the right skills then getting jobs and promotions won’t be difficult.
  4. Placement is Easy: There are organizations like TMC shipping who help qualified seafarers get appropriate job opportunities. So there’s no need to worry about placement. If you know where to look, you’ll find enough of them.


Now stop reading and get thinking about career in Maritime Industry!


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