6 Great Career Opportunities for Retired Women Seafarers

Retirement from the sea doesn’t mean it’s the end of the career for women seafarers. There are career opportunities for women seafarers available to choose from. They can involve themselves and serve in many other services related to their field.

Here are Career Options for the Women Seafarers :

Maritime Lecturer or Instructor

It has been observed that training institutions to prepare candidates for the sea has been rapidly increasing. To train the candidates, requirement for trainers is also increasing. These experienced women seafarers can join such institutes and instruct students to benefit them with their experiences at sea. They can give both practical and theoretical knowledge in a better way. They can also prepare the students for the risks and challenges on-board. Also, they can frame solutions to the students for the problems which arise on the ship while working. They can share their knowledge in their own way.

Maritime Inspection In-charge or surveyor

Inspection in-charge is responsible for conducting surveys and inspections on the ship. Women seafarers after retirement can play the role of Inspection coordinator as well as surveyor. These surveys are necessary to get feedback from the people working on board. Also the inspection will help to ensure the proper working of the ship, its structure, equipment in use etc. and to ensure that the quality of work is being maintained or not and as per the standard.

Author of maritime books

The experienced women seafarers can write books for the students appearing for the competitive exam. They can share their knowledge and experience in such a way that it may help students clear exams to get into the merchant navy. Their books should help students get a clear idea regarding the subject. Also, it gives them knowledge about what is expected from them on the ship.

Author of life experiences

The women seafarer can become an author of books about their life experiences. They can publish the copies of their journals and writings while they were at sea. Also, they can write about their experiences and challenges they faced during their voyages by publishing them into different volumes. This will give their writings a good platform and can be an opportunity to establish identity in writing world too.

Ship operation management

Ship operation management involves the management of all the operations of a ship. As women mariners are aware of sea and ship operations, they can get themselves involved in such career. This will help them use their knowledge, skills, and observations into the flow.


It is another career option for all the women sailors after retirement. These women can invest their savings in any kind of business they are interested in. They can establish a business and can use these savings to run it.  They can start their own small scale business of anything which they are passionate about.

There is a minimal percentage of women seafarer in Indian merchant navy. These sailors serve the field with their dedication and hard work. There are various job opportunities for women in the merchant navy. Likewise, the women seafarers also enjoy various career options after retiring from sailing.


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