5 Occasions When Seafarers Are Happy Onboard

Seafaring is a tough task as you are always required to your toes. Long working hours, staying away from family are some of the reasons that make life at sea difficult. However, there are 5 occasions when seafarers are happy  onboard in comparison to any other regular day. Let’s go ahead and know about such events:

Access to the Internet

 Today, the Internet is something that makes seafarers happy as they get to hear the voice of their loved ones or see them through a video call. No life can be expected at sea without the internet as it keeps the seafarers motivated and shipping companies are paying attention towards this aspect.

Recreational Room

Recreational Room is the most important aspect of sailor’s life. While working on the ship, sailors have to stay away from their family and friends for a long time. Playing cards, watching movies, reading books, listen to music are some of the key activities that ensure to rejuvenate the mood of the Mariners.


Sailors are required to spend most of their time at work as they are overworked most of the time and has to compromise with their sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep is the most amazing prize that they can get while they are at sea. Whether you are employed at passenger ship or at cargo ship, your job requires you to manage the work effectively and those who work on a ship understand the value of sleep in accomplishing the task in an effective manner.

Good Food

A well-cooked food prepared by catering professionals helps to make sailors happy. Food is the necessity of life and getting a good meal gives great joy and pleasure to seafarers. It helps them to perform their duties in an effective way.

A-Day off from Regular Shifts

This is something which every seafarer may get as it depends upon shipping companies. But there are some companies that give a day off to the sailors to keep them feel energized and happy. Getting a day-off is something that makes every seafarer happy.

These above-mentioned points are quite useful in keeping seafarers happy onboard but there is a lot of needs to be done to improve the life on a ship.

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