Women Sailors - Challenges they face

Challenges Faced by Women Sailors

Women today, have left no stone unturned. There’s no professional field where women haven’t proven their worth. They’ve shouldered all kinds of responsibilities with astounding success. Women entering the seafaring trade is a small but ever growing notion. Women sailors population remains low, however, it does exist. Seafaring as we know ...

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Common Questions asked by aspiring Merchant Navy Professionals

7 Common Questions Asked By Aspiring Merchant Navy Professionals.

Making a choice about one’s career is difficult. It involves a lot of ground work like online probing, undergoing career counselling, consulting people of experience etc. You should only be convinced once you completely understand the nature of work that you’ll be signing up for. There are often a 100 questions that come to ...

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Adidas Ocean Plastic Shoe

Adidas Releases 1st Mass-Produced Ocean Plastic Shoe

Waste management and recycling are the order of the day. Many organizations are successfully minimizing the generation of waste products and their carbon foot print. However, not many organizations have focused on handling the existing waste products in the environment. This is where Adidas are leading the way with their ...

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10 Smartphone apps every seafarer must use

Unknown destination, unfamiliar regions, and unknown environment; seriously it’s not easy being a seafarer. Seafarers are always on the brink of high risk, they don’t even know about! Minimal resources and internet are all they can rely on at times. However, with the advent of the Smartphone era, it has ...

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Indian Government Approved Sagarmala Project

Sagarmala Project – India Ready to Tap its Coastal Potential

It is a well-known fact that when it comes to transport of raw materials and finished products using coastal shipping and inland waterways reduces the cost of such logistics by 60-80% as compared to railway lines or road transport lines. It is based on this researched statistic that the Sagarmala ...

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