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How to Deal with Seasickness?

Seasickness is often considered the most commonly encountered sickness for people at sea. So, if you are considering a career at Sea, it is important that you know what seasickness is and prepare yourself to deal with it. The symptoms of Seasickness include nausea, fatigue and dizziness. As a sailor ...

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Why Choose The Maritime Academy – TMA?

The Maritime Academy or TMA is the first maritime academy in the hills of North India. For those seeking a successful future in merchant navy, it is the best possible educational hub. There are many reasons for saying this and some of them are as follows: 1. Industry Relevant Education: ...

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The Maritime Academy – TMA

The Maritime Academy – TMA is a Merchant navy collage, BY the efforts of the Promoters of TMC Shipping Pvt. Ltd., which has been working in the field of Maritime Education for thirteen years now. The aim was to establish a state of art maritime academy in northern India which ...

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Tasks Performed by Merchant Marines

To understand the job or duties of a merchant marine one has to experience it, as job or responsibilities of a merchant marine are not very common and everyone can’t understand them. However, we have tried to explain some of the job responsibilities below for you to understand what a ...

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Major Sea Ports of India

We are a country surrounded by sea on three sides -the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the south-west, and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east. This proximity to sea has given us an advantage in terms of Shipping Industry and as a result of flourishing ...

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Ships in the Merchant Navy

Long before the invention of the first airplane, ships were there and helping man trade and travel the world. The first known shipping vessels date back about 10,000 years. Even today years after the invention of airplanes, the need for ships has not diminished even a bit. Even to this ...

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Benefits of Working on a Cruise Ship

A cruise ship or cruise liner is like a small town on sea. Passengers on a cruise ship come seeking pleasure. The cruise staff ensures that the passengers relax and experience a voyage which is unique. The ship’s amenities are part of the experience and the responsibility of the staff ...

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